Monday, January 23, 2012

Building Components in Adobe CQ5: A Tutorial

As a Java developer, I’m always on the hunt for tutorials that quickly and easily explain how to do something for whatever platform I find myself working with. I’ve been using CQ5 for awhile now and, I have to say, I’m a huge fan (just check out my last blog on Building Workflows).

On the NavigationArts’ Vimeo, I’ve recorded a step-by-step guide to building Components in Adobe CQ5. My hope is that this serves as a yard stick for developers when anticpating organizational web content management needs. As always, please leave comments below on any questions you might have around this webinar or CQ5 in general.


  1. Ross, that was an very eloquent way of explaining the basics of building a CQ5 component. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I want to learn Adobe CQ5 but I am not getting proper resource, please help me how can I start.

  3. Ashish, CQ is not an open platform, even though its built on open source technologies, which were founded Day Software and continue to be maintained by Adobe. My advice is to learn about the Sling and JCR API's.

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