Monday, January 23, 2012

Adobe CQ5.5: A Preview of the Wicked New Functionality

Earlier this week Adobe hosted the DC Area CQ5 Users Group. The keynote of the evening was from Day Software founder and current CQ5 brand manager Cedric Heusler, previewing some upcoming functionality in CQ5.5.

On the sexy front, CQ5’s authoring interface moves closer and closer to a Windows application like user experience. They’ve added CTRL-Z functionality to the Authoring interface and in the demo, this functionality looks like it’s done and ready for prime time. You can undo any set of changes made during the current authoring session, regardless of the change. Properties, new components on the page, component property edits, etc. They can all be undone.

In the last year, Adobe acquired Omniture and you can expect to see significant Omniture functionality in CQ5’s Campaign tab and marketing functionality. It’s still up in the air if we’ll see any Site Catalyst functionality or some of Adobe’s other eRetail focused capability, although I did see some eRetail focused components in Cedric’s Sidekick when he was showing functionality in their new Geomatrixx site.

Adobe is also adding Bridge functionality to connect the Adobe Creative Suite of applications to a CQ5 DAM.

Cedric also demonstrated some Amazon Cloud functionality, by standing up a new VM with CQ5 already running in a matter of a couple of minutes. Cloud functionality was a big focus last month at Adobe Max where Adobe announced their Creative Cloud. So it looks like plenty of sizzle and steak for the coming year in CQ5.

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